ICAN urges new members to join anti-corruption crusade


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) has called on its new members to join in the anti-corruption crusade by the Federal Government, as it inducts about 672 new members.

ICAN President, Mr. Adedoyin Owolabi made the call during the institute’s 51st induction ceremony in Lagos.

Owolabi said, “As chartered accountants, we must deliberately join the critical mass to support and sustain the on-going anti-corruption crusade by the government. We must all stand up to be counted in this battle for the renaissance of our social values and those of you being brought into the fold of this noble profession, join with your peers to take up battle.”

He warned that the institute will not condone any professional misconduct on the part of any chartered accountant irrespective of how highly or lowly placed in the profession or society.

According to him, “It is the prevalence of corruption and sharp practices in low and high places in the nation, which has accounted for the slow pace of development of this richly endowed nation and this is exacerbated by the absence of transparency and accountability. Indeed, financial improprieties by persons in positions of trust have been a recipe for under-development, increased suffering of the citizens, unemployment, hunger and anger of the poor and insecurity for all.”

Specifically, he enjoined the inductees to strive at all times to faithfully adhere to the ideals of integrity, transparency and accountability, which have influenced the development of the accountancy profession globally.

Urging them on IFRS, he said, “In addition to the knowledge acquired from your theoretical training provided by the institute’s syllabus, avail yourselves of the opportunity of IFRS practical training, particularly, those provided by the institute via its faculty and MCPE programme.”

Meanwhile, over the last 48 years, the institute’s membership has grown from a paltry figure of 250 members to 37,560 following induction of the new members and the induction ceremonies are designed to congratulate those who successfully passed the various qualifying exams, welcome and admit individuals who have satisfied the council and introduce newly admitted members to the ethics and practice of the profession.

In his keynote address, guest speaker, Dr. Michael Omolayole advised the inductees to embrace the institute’s motto: “Accuracy and Integrity” where he said that integrity is most paramount and an important personal attribute required of a professional.http://www.vanguardngr.com



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