Brave new world in the making?


Even if most of the usual suspects have yet to tip their hands, this much is abundantly clear: Wearable computing is becoming a lot more than just Google Glass.

“In the very near future, wearable computers will be the dominant technology we all use.” So says Steve Mann, a wearable computing researcher and nowadays the chief scientist at Meta. Maybe and maybe not — but he’s talking about one of the hottest topics in techdom; if it’s not on the cusp of entering the mainstream, wearable computing is getting awfully close.

Google has received the lion’s share of the attention so far, though there are myriad other entrants, some big, some small. (Wearable tech was a big theme at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, especially as it related to wearable fitness devices.)

We haven’t yet seen anything out of Apple, Microsoft, or Samsung, though these heavyweights are all dark horse candidates to get in on the action before long. (During his appearance at an industry conference sponsored by AllThingsD last week, Cook described wearable computing as profoundly interesting.


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