China grants approval for world’s tallest building


Broad Sustainable Building, a Chinese company aiming to build the world’s tallest building before the end of 2013 in the city of Changsha, has been granted permission to begin construction.

You might think that doesn’t give the company much time. After all, the current record-holder, the Burj Khalifa, took five years to put together.

But Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) has pioneered a technique that involves prefabricating large parts of a structure offsite, then transporting them to a chosen location and putting them together very quickly. It used the technique to build a 30-storey apartment building in 15 days in 2011.

As previously reported, the plans for the building — named Sky City — include 1,610,000 square metres of space spread across 220 storeys, containing a mix of residential, commercial and retail space and capacity for between 70,000 to 120,000 people. BSB estimates the cost of the project to be roughly £400 million.

Inhabitants will mostly use lifts to travel around the building, but those with a fear of elevators can opt to take the six-mile long ramp that runs from the first to the 170th floor. Along the way, they can enjoy 56 different courtyards that’ll be used for basketball, tennis, swimming, theatres, and 930,000 square feet of interior vertical organic farms.

The approval from the Chinese government, which has taken longer to get than the building will apparently take to construct, means that construction can begin immediately.

Whether the company meets its goal or not, the result will be fascinating to watch.

by Duncan Geere



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