How to Escape Foreign Spying Programs

ImageYes, Americans are Spying on You. Yes Chinese are Spying on You. Yes French are Spying on You. In many African countries these countries’ companies own the telecommunication companies, the hosting companies and all the basic infrastructure that run our countries.

After the recent revelation about the massive American spying program called PRISM, (which collects their data on almost everybody from mobile phone companies, Google (Gmail, search, G+) , Yahoo (yahoo Mail), Microsoft (Hotmail, Skydrive), etc.) more people became aware of the “War on people” our own elected governments are waging on us.

There is not place to hide anymore. But activists have been fighting back, and have created tools that could help you protect your privacy, your family photos and your online conversations. Folks at have made a list of free alternatives to the governments giant spywares (Aka Corporate America and Multinational companies products and services).

I reproduced the list here with few comment of mine, but the table is updated from time to time, so you can visit to get the most recent updates.

Only the Paranoid Survive. The transition to alternatives won’t be easy either because of entrenched habits and limitations of the alternatives, But there is no Free Freedom!



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