brings Nigerian soaps online

Image, a platform that offers viewers across the world access to Nigerian soaps, has been launched as it looks to take advantage of the growing entertainment industry in Africa.In an exclusive interview with HumanIPO, founder of Larry Oti, said now was the right time to launch such a platform.

“It was about time. The industry in Africa is getting larger by the second and now in sync with the entire world which means audience boundary gets thinner by the minute,” Oti said.

According to him, he got the concept to develop the platform in 2011 and immediately commenced execution.Oti added: “It’s a pretty much a virgin concept. The concept of NextsSeel for us came up in 2011, execution stated same year in another dimension. We were thinking of coming in from a kind of back door for a whole lot of reasons but by 2012 we took the bull by its horns and here we are today.

“We offer these soap operas and TV series on demand. There are no watch times or schedule and our deal with content owners don’t have anything to do with terrestrial or cable TV timings.”

Oti said the eventual aim is to make NextSpeel available on all devices so users can access it at any time.He explained the current challenges facing mobile users which he said would be rectified in days ahead.

“Currently, you can’t watch videos on mobile. Reason is the experience wouldn’t be very smooth and we don’t want users to start pointing fingers. We are working on it and it should be available in days’ time,” he added.

Oti said they are working on delivering videos to mobile on HTML5 in order to achieve a “good experience”.

by Paul Adepoju


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