Sharp hopeful on Africa market


lobal electronics company Sharp has said it is targeting US$27 billion in revenue from the African and Middle East market in 2013.

Tomoo Shimizu, director of the business solutions division at Sharp Middle East, was speaking at a printer launch in Lagos when he emphasised the potential of the emerging markets, reports the Sun News Online.

Shimizu said: “There is a growing demanding for versatile business products such as Multi-function Printer (MFP) and Professional Displays in the region, and Sharp is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers by offering the latest products with our cutting edge technologies, which are a result of 100 years of Sharp’s innovation and development.”Sharp also announced their new distribution partner for Nigeria will be CFAO Electro-Hall.

Shimizu added: “CFAO Electro-Hall is the ideal partner to give Nigeria a first look at our upcoming products within our Business Products portfolio, and to demonstrate how these can add value while being easily integrated into a company’s existing setup.”

by Richard Cutcher


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