Zambian banks lose $4 million to cybercriminals


Foreign cybercriminals have robbed commercial banks in Zambia of more than US$4 million, and are recruiting Zambians to assist in their criminal activities across the country.

According to deputy inspector general Solomon Jere, the fraud centres around ATMs, though police officers have been briefed and are ready to curb the exercise.“As Zambia Police, we would like to assure the nation that we are on the lookout for these criminals and once caught, they will face the wrath of the law,” Jere said in a statement.“Police have discovered a scam in which three foreign criminals have recruited and trained Zambians in cyber-crime. The recruited Zambians have already started operating,” said Jere.Jere warned the public to take care when making ATM transactions, asking them to keep their pin numbers secret.

“These criminals may also take advantage of upcoming events such as the Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola and the Lusaka Agricultural and Commercial show. Therefore, would-be attendants of these events are advised to take extra care of their personal documents and property to make sure they don’t become victims of such thefts,” he said.


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