Nigeria records increase in inactive lines and teledensity


he Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed there are more than 44 million inactive telephone lines, up from around 38.5 million in the last quarter of 2012.The number of active lines now exceeds 117 million.

Out of the total of 44,647,096 inactive telephone lines, more than 31 million are GSM lines, 11,544,933 are of the mobile Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), while about two million fixed wired/wireless network are inactive.For the active lines, more than 114 million of the more than 117 million active telephone lines are GSM, more than 2.7 million are CDMA, while fixed wired/wireless network had 405,625 active subscribers.

The commission also revealed that Nigeria has recorded growth in its teledensity, rising to 83.77 per cent in the first quarter of 2013 from the 80.85 per cent it recorded in the last quarter of 2012.The commission computed the nation’s teledensity on a population of 140 million people.


by Paul Adepoju


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