iPhone 5 ‘Slowest’ In Smartphone Speed Test

An industry-recognised test to check out the speed of the UK’s best-selling smartphones comes up with some surprising results.Image

Apple’s iPhone 5 is the slowest smartphone on the market, according to tests by consumer watchdog Which?

Possibly the world’s best-known mobile came seventh out of seven in a Geekbench 2 technical test of the UK’s most popular phones.

The test measures processor and memory performance across smartphone platforms – if a phone has a high score, it will work well when photo-editing, playing games and using apps.

The results revealed Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was almost twice as fast as Apple’s star phone with Samsung’s Note 2 also scoring higher in the Geekbench pecking order.

Sony, Google, Blackberry and HTC smartphones also outranked the iPhone 5 for tasks such as games, pictures or apps.

The low score will be a disappointment for the US giant’s huge fan base who tend to believe Apple’s products are superior to all their competitors.

“Undoubtedly, Apple will upgrade its next iPhone with an improved processor when it launches later this autumn,” Which? said.

“For the moment, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is the phone to beat when it comes to speed.”



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