No going back on SIM card registration deadline – NCC


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has rejected a plea from the National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers (NATCOMS) to extend SIM card registration beyond this month.

 HumanIPO reported yesterday NATCOMS had requested the deadline of June 30 for all subscribers to registered be pushed back by three months because some of those who were registered early on have not had their data inputted.Tony Ojobo, the commission’s director of public affairs, said subscribers can still ascertain the status of their lines and take required measures before the expiration of the deadline.He said all subscribers not sure about the status of their SIM registration can find out by sending an SMS saying REG to 746.Ojobo noted that registration of SIM cards had been ongoing for around two years and the commission is not going back on its resolve to disconnect unregistered lines at the end of June.

Regarding how operators would carry out the NCC’s directive of disconnecting users, Ojobo said: “The NCC cannot give the companies direction on how to carry out registration on that day. The NCC is not a service provider. NCC itself has stopped SIM registration.”

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