Finally, A New Kick-Ass Social Traffic Reporting App Is In Town


Over the years, Techloy has covered a handful of web or mobile apps that want to help you outsmart traffic in Lagos, but none of them have got me as excited as this new social traffic reporting app called Traffix which is officially launching tomorrow.

With real-time traffic updates on all the major traffic bottlenecks within Lagos, the web app which is optimised for use on all smartphones including Blackberry, Android, and iPhone allows users to post traffic updates at their current location, which automatically appears on every users timeline for that particular area.

When you sign up for the service, you can invite your friends on Yahoo, Gmail and Facebook and then follow multiple Lagos areas to receive updates on your timeline just like you would on Twitter. On Traffix, if you’re one of the first 1000 registered members, you get an early adopter badge, while the commuter badge is awarded to users that didn’t make the 1000-registered user mark.


One of the unique features of this service is that it rewards users for providing timely and accurate traffic updates. So when you respond to traffic requests of other users on Traffix, you win badges that provide an incentive to check-in frequently. But you would need to respond to about 5 -10 traffic requests per day and have at least 10 likes on each to become a Road Mashall or Chairman of an LGA on Traffix.

And there are the LATSMA, FRSC and Police badges that are officially awarded to users by the administrator of the platform, although it is uncertain what users are required to do to get any of these badges on Traffix.


But just how the platform plans to make money is what I’m not sure about, except for perhaps, advertisements and current deals, shopping discounts and vouchers from restaurants within that road. Again, if Traffix were to charge users a small subscription fee to follow more roads/areas, say more than 5 roads, that could be a great source of revenue for the platform.

Another issue is validating the traffic updates from users, although it provides a thumbs up and down icon for users to indicate whether or not a traffic update was helpful or unhelpful. Besides, since it has a way of rewarding timely and accurate traffic updates, users can somewhat trust the updates. But while you can follow areas on Traffix, I’m not sure you can follow other users whose traffic updates may be reliable and authentic.

While Traffix may seem to be complementing services such as TrafficNGGidi Traffic, Traffic Butter, Traffic Radio, RoadPeer and Traffikator, all of which are decent attempts at reducing the hassles of traffic congestion in heavy traffic areas within Lagos, I personally think that Traffix offers a highly intuitive and innovative service.



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