Nokia’s Lumia 1020 leaks

Microsoft’s Windows Phone manager uploaded samples shots apparently taken on the new Nokia Lumia 1020 to his Flickr account.


Eagle-eyed Flickr users spotted that two of Joe Belfiore’s images were marked as being shot by a Nokia Lumia 1020, potentially ending months of speculation about the phone’s title.

One image’s resolution was listed as 2947 x 1658 (nearly 5-megapixels), while the other was 2352 x 1568 (3.7-megapixels).

This has led fans to ponder whether the Lumia 1020 will shoot at multiple resolutions using its large sensor.

Although it is possible the images or data are fake, the two pictures have now been marked as private on Mr Belfiore’s Flickr page.

Nokia is expected to unveil the new device at its Zoom Reinvented event on New York on Thursday, which has been marketed under the slogan “41 million reasons to zoom in.”

This is thought to refer to the phone’s 41-megapixel camera, complete with a xenon flash. To put that into perspective, the iPhone 5 currently boasts an 8-megapixel camera and LED flash, with the next Apple offering expected to feature 12-megapixels.

Reports also suggest the phone will boast a quad-core chip, a 4.5″ display and 32GB storage.

Whether its outer casing will be metal or polycarbonate remains to be seen, although the Finnish company’s previous high-end device the Lumia 925 sported a metallic chassis and soft-touch rear.

Speculation has been rife over the latest model’s name after conflicting reports and rumours emerged labelling it as the Nokia 909 or Nokia EOS, which is likely to go on sale from next month following the launch.

Last month a report by AdDuplex revealed Nokia as the manufacturer behind nine of the 10 most popular Windows phones, the only non-Lumia entry being HTC’s Windows Phone 8X.

However, the company continues to struggle to compete with Apple and Samsung following a shift in consumer preference towards touchscreen smartphones.

In the past two years Nokia have sold around 20 million Lumia devices, compared with 248 million iPhones and a staggering 800 million Android phones.



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