Laptop project is an important milestone – Kenyatta


Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has defended his government’s laptop project, though he admitted there were obstacles to its implementation that must be overcome.

Speaking during an interview with KTN’s Yvonne Okwara, the president said the Jubilee government’s laptop project was an important milestone in the country.

“Indeed it is going to be a challenge. We did make a promise to Kenyan children and it was part of our pledge to transform this country, to help move it to digitise and create opportunities for the young people of this country,” said Kenyatta.

Outlining the legacy he would like to leave behind when his term as president comes to an end, Kenyatta said he hoped the laptop project would be seen as one of his major achievements as president.

“Now we need to begin preparing our children, we need to be able to look at this programme not just from the narrow side of provision of a laptop, but to look at it from the bigger one. Where are we going as a society if we don’t arm our children?” he said.

Kenyatta said in the next five years he is hoping to develop a nation that has created opportunities, especially for the young people who really strain to sustain their lives.

“I am really hoping that I would be able to have a united nation that is hopeful, that has created opportunities, especially for our young men and women because they form the bulk of our society,” he said.

by Martin Cheruiyot

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