Nigeria: Jim Ovia Empowers Software Entrepreneurs

In support of the UN endorsement of ISPON Software initiatives as reported in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Information Economy Report 2012, Visafone boss, Mr Jim Ovia, through the Jim Ovia ICT Foundation has rolled out millions of Naira to empower winners of ISPON “Best Software Startup of the Year” award for budding IT Entrepreneurs.

The beneficiaries are: Pledge51 Ltd., Future Software Resources Ltd. and Encipher Group. Reliable studies have shown that Nigerian software startups are greatly challenged and lack office space to practice their profession to create and develop innovative software; critical mass of human resource capacity and remuneration ability; marketing support and facilities to engage and secure bigger, larger and more meaningful accounts from multis in the software ecosystem; high technology software development tools; and corporate reference from renowned ICT solutions providers and professional bodies.

According to Chris Uwaje , President of ISPON, a Framework and national strategy for Software Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in Nigeria is long overdue. Therefore, there is an urgent need to re-examine the critical role Software plays in national development and wealth creation.

Meanwhile, the recent UNCTAD Information Economy Report 2012 on “The Software Industry and Developing Countries”, has rightly recognized Software as not only fundamental, but critical to National Development, Prosperity and National Security.

Uwaje warns that there was an urgent need to retool the national workforce to respond to the challenges of the Knowledge economy – not doing so, will result to grave consequences.

Other Corporate Bodies and Philanthropic Individuals and organizations should emulate Jim Ovia in his foresight to encourage Software Development in Nigeria and the world.



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