Nigeria: Set to Boost Online Retail Business, one of Nigeria’s e-commerce platforms has reiterated its commitment to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians, by providing support that will boost e-commerce transaction in the country.

Chief Executive Officer of, Mr. Sim Shagaya, said: “As Konga turns one year, we wish to take a moment to say to our community of buyers and sellers alike, thank You, as we are more committed in supporting Nigeria’s online business of buying and selling.”

According to him, “The country is blessed with oil, mineral and human resources, and with population of people, which is a pointer for huge e-commerce business in Nigeria.”

There are over 160 million potential buyers and sellers of different items, on every street, a seller and a potential buyer, and Nigerians love to shop, but with the absence of well-structured retail, few shopping malls and poor transport facilities, which makes it difficult to access products,” he said.

According to him, 1980s and 1990s were periods where Nigeria experienced steady growth in national income and a gradual change in economic structure that saw the first attempt to structure retail business in the country. He said that was the time retail chains and outlets began to arise but due to the problems they experienced, they never met the expectations that came with economic growth.

He however said that the eventual arrival of information technology, although slow in deploying in Nigeria, began to shape the growth of e-commerce in the country.

The average Nigerian startup is like a farmer that has to grow the land, find the cow, grow the grass to feed the cow, make the burger and sell the burger. The startup is faced with the need to survive without any existing financial or infrastructural support. For Nigerian startup, the journey is to change the face and perception of the world about how Nigeria started exactly one year ago in e-commerce business, he said.

Konga in the last one year has laid the foundation of a technology and logistics company, building a system by which buyers and sellers find each other and interchange goods and money, providing unprecedented levels of retail convenience, choice and customer satisfaction.

The company’s vision and early success saw the startup receive investment from Kinnevik of Sweden and Naspers/ MIH of South Africa; two companies passionate about helping businesses grow. In less than one year of operation, the company’s workforce has grown from that daring team of seven to a bigger team of over 200, committed and patriotic individuals who see the company as a service to Nigeria and Africa, Shagaya said.

The key strength of Konga’s operations, according to him, is to create better understanding of the Nigerian people about e-commerce, and to focus on customer centricity, understanding that Nigerians have a voice, and want to be heard, he said.


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