Gi Group chooses Nokia Lumia over BlackBerry


Gi Group, a leading Italian multinational company dedicated to the human resources market, has chosen Nokia Lumia as its business smartphone, replacing BlackBerry.

Gi Group has already provided more than 800 employees in Italy with Nokia Lumia smartphones, including the 925, 820 and 620 models, with plans to expand to all of the countries where the company operates.

Gi Group says that the ability of the in-built Windows 8 range of Nokia devices to seamlessly operate with Gi Group’s Microsoft Outlook Mail and Microsoft Office applications was an important factor in the choice of Nokia Lumia.

“Our people need to be able to connect with colleagues and access and edit Microsoft Office documents, wherever they happen to be,” said Barbara Cottini, HR manager at Gi Group.

“They also need to access our customer relationship management systems as well as their professional social media networks without having to have a laptop with them at all times. Nokia Lumia offered us a unique way of doing this, with elegant, modern smartphones and a user experience that is immediately familiar.”

Gi Group also said that it values the ability to use Microsoft Lync for conferencing and is looking to integrate Skype with Nokias cameras to enable video interviews.

Paola Cavallero, general manager for Italy at Nokia said, “Gi Group is a great example of how Nokia Lumia enables smartphones to become an integral part of any company’s IT infrastructure, working seamlessly with their corporate systems and freeing their people to work effectively wherever they are.”

by Nick Sato

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