Kenyan social media site for professionals set for September launch

ImageA new Kenyan social network for professionals with integrity who want to deal with other honest and reliable professionals drawn from different fields for business, for hiring and for leadership, is set to be later this year.

Julius Tago, co-founder of, told HumanIPO more people were complaining that existing social media sites were not relevant to them and some of the people admitted to the sites could not be trusted given the issue of multiple accounts with fake names and information.“We want a platform where people of professional integrity and ethics can interact, we will only admit trustworthy people,” said Tago.

It is an open secret that it is not easy to tell who is trustworthy and who is not trustworthy and with this in mind Tago and his co-founder Dunstan Machoka have come up with mechanisms to vet the people who will be joining the site.To join the group a person will have to be referred by three existing members of the site who will do this via video in three seconds.

The new member will also be given 60 seconds to “sell” themselves.If seen to be worthy they will then be admitted to the group, but continuous assessment will be done by members of the group through rating.In case a person does not measure up to the rating bar they might be asked to leave the group to be restored after it has been validated that they are now trustworthy.

Already a template is in place for the new site.The first phase of the social network will be rolled out in September and more changes will be added to it as per the feedback received from the first phase.
The duo are hoping to a present demo at the Web Summit to be held in the UK if they are chosen and at DEMO Africa 2013 in Aug.

by Susan Mwenesi


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