Competition among Kenyan startups resulting in quality output

ImageKenya’s growing technology scene is reaping the benefits of competition among startups according to Dunstan Machoka, chief executive officer (CEO) of Nairobi-based BTI Millman.Speaking to HumanIPO, Machoka said competition among startups with similar ICT related output is generating quality products.

He added that founders of startups are getting more creative in their quest to have their products or services stand above the rest.There has been a mushrooming of startups and this has led to people being more creative, which is an advantage as it results in competition which has resulted in better products, standards and quality,” Machoka said.

Machoka also pointed out that with the country’s current devolution, the competition in Nairobi will now spill out into other parts of the country thereby developing the counties.He however warned stalling startups that only those who are seeking to improve themselves will be able to bypass the competition.

by Susan Mwenesi



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